Тупак был трудоголиком, так как ни один рэпер. Он работал день и ночь и оставил после себя тонны невыпущенного материала. Это всего лишь краткий список тех песен, которые были невыпущены

4 Tha Hustlaz (Feat. Too $hort)
4 My Niggaz (Feat. Storm)

AK-47 (w/ Bone Thugz N' Harmony)
Be The Realist (Feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
Bitchez /
Cali Pussy (Feat. Snoop)
Brothas At Arms
Bury Me A G (Solo)
California Hustler
Can't Turn Back
Catchin' Feelings (Solo)
Cause I Had 2
Changes (w/ intro)
Comin' Real Again
Confessions (Feat. Bizzy Bone)
Danger Time
Dayz Fo' A Criminal
Deadly Combination (feat. Notorious B.I.G., Big L)
Deathrow Studio Freestlye / Untouchable (Solo)
Die (Feat. Outlawz)
Don't Call Me Bitch (Solo)
Don't Stop (Feat. Daz Dillinger)
Fade Me
Fortune & Fame
Freestyle At Madison Square Garden
Fright Night /Whatcha Gonna Do
Gangsta Team (Feat. Ice-T, Prodigy & Spice 1)
Get It On Now
Ghetto Gospel
Ghetto Star
Gotta Survive
Grab Tha Mic /STMRII (Feat. DPG, Gonzoe & Nutzo)
Graffled (Feat. 3x Krazy)
Hit Em' Up II (Feat. Outlawz & Prince Ital Joe)
House Of Pain (Feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Stretch)
Hotel Freestyle (w/ Biggie)
Kriminal Minded
If You Really Want It
In His Own Words
Is It Cool 2 Fuck
Let's Fight (Feat. Cocoa Brovaz f.n.a. Smiff N' Wessan)
Let's Get It On (Feat. Grand Puba, Notorious B.I.G. & Heavy D)
Monday Morning
MTV Freestyle
My Closest Road Dogs (Feat. Syke)
My Burnin' Heart
Never Say Never (Feat. DAN Hustlaz)
Never Be Beat
NYC Freestyle
One Nation
Only Fear of Death (Original)
Pac's Life
Pac's Intro
Panther Power
Play Your Cards Right (Feat. Outlawz & K-CI & JoJo)
Playa Young Thugz (P.Y.T.)
Rap Figures
Real Bad Boys (Feat. Assassin)
Representing For Ron G /Fuck What U Heard (freestyle)
Resist Tha Temptation (Solo)
Ride On My Enemies (Solo)
Runin' (Feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
Slipping Into Darkness
Soon As I Get Home (Feat. Outlawz)
Stop The Gun Fight
Street Fame II (Feat. Outlawz)
Street Life (Feat. Snoop & Prince Ital Joe)
Stuggle Continuez (Feat. Outlawz)
Tearz Of A Clown
The DFLO Shuttle (Feat. Digital Underground)
The Mind Of A Badboy (Feat. The Lady Of Rage)
They Tryin' 2 Murder Me (Feat. 3x Crazy)
This Life I Lead
Thug Bitch
Thug 4 Life
Thug In Me (Solo)
Thug In Me (Feat. Kci & JoJo)
Thug Life (Feat. Thug Life)
Thug Luv II (Feat. Bone Thugz N' Harmony)
Thug Nigga (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
Thugz Get Lonely 2 (Feat. Tek-9)
Thugz Get Lonely 2 (Solo)
Time After Time (Featuring OFTB)
That's Not My Finga (skit)
Touch Myself (skit)
West Coast (Feat. BP)
What Goes On
What's Next (Feat. Big Skye)
When I Come Out (intro)
Wherever U R (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
Who Do U Love
Why U Turn On Me (Solo)
World Don't Take Me Personally (Feat. Swoop G)
Wrote The Glory (Live)(Solo)
You Don't Have 2 Worry (Feat. Outlawz)
U Don't Bring Me Flowers (Live)(Feat. Ice-T)

Некоторые из этих песен вышли на предпоследнем
альбоме - "Better Dayz"

Песни посвященные Тупаку

Это список песен, которые посвящены Тупаку.

Ain't Died In Vain - Rondo & Outlawz
Crime After Crime - Gonzoe
Dedication - Dogg Pound ft.Prince Ital Joe & Coolio
Dedication - Down Ass Niggaz ft. Tri
Do G's Get To Go To Heaven - Richie Rich
Dont Leave Me - Gary Gray
Dont Stop - Outlawz
Everyday - Fatal
From My Family To Yours -Lost Boyz
Life Goes On - Bizzy Bone
Keep Em Runnin - Thug Life
Holdin On -Assassin and Cisco
I Aint Mad At You Pac - Lil Black
It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop - Dead Prez
Mourn U Till I Join U - Treach
Playaz Dedication - Rappin' 4-Tay
Ridin for Pac - Guce & Killa Tay f/ The Outlawz
R.I.P. Tupac - Master P
Sophisticated Thugs -Bootleg ft. Ras Kass
Stand Strong - Tha Realest ft. Danny Boy & Jewell
Still Ballin rmx -Yukmouth and Outlawz
Still Ballin - Yukmouth
Still Ridin - C-Bo and Captain Save 'Em
The Last Time - Bad Azz
The Thug In Me - Spice 1
To Pac -Big Syke ft. Thug Life
We Will Survive - Nas
Westside Till I Die - TQ
Why Do Thugz Die - Luniz
Young Niggaz Did U Pray Today - Outlawz
Youz A Gangsta - DJ Quik


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